Skills Assessment

Evaluate if a client can perform professionally and according to a set standard. Also, to see what skillsets the candidate has in order to determine a job match.

Life Skills Classes

These classes will assist a client to understand and acquire (if necessary) abilities that will help meet the demands of life i.e., the ability to communicate with peers or bosses, food preparation, banking, saving money, and account balancing and budgeting. These are but a few of the subjects presented.

Parenting Skills Classes

Promotes our parents’ ability to protect, teach, encourage and set behavioral limits. Classes also present to parents tips on how to be a positive role model to their offspring.

Civics Classes

These classes will present to clients the importance of fulfilling our civic duty and the definition thereof.

Resume Writing Classes

These classes will focus on proper formatting, chronology and language necessary to create a resume that gets the attention of those to whom it is forwarded.

Interview Skills Classes

These are classes that are devoted to assisting the client to prepare for a job interview. Role play will be utilized in order to develop confidence, answer questions properly, and understand body language, enhancing non-verbal skills and overall interview etiquette.

Pre-Employment Classes

These classes will present tips on practicing and maintaining positive mental attitudes. Dealing with negative and fearful thinking and proper workplace behavior.

Job Development

Create job opportunities for clients by researching, identifying, and soliciting commitments from possible sources of employment.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching will help the client maximize their production in the workplace. This will also provide practical tips to the client on how to successfully resolve workplace conflicts and help the client understand that they are part of a business team that is competing against other teams for their very survival.